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Winterizing your vegetable garden

Do you have a garden? We do and right now it's a little frozen over from the cold temps last night and the sprinkler this morning. Gotta love fall weather, right? Ours isn't a very big one, just a couple of raised beds and a huge volunteer tomato plant. That thing comes back every year all on its own. We get a ton of paste-type tomatoes on it, but they don't all ripen. Strange. 

But now it's time to, I think, to put it to bed for the winter. Hmmm, pun not intended? Haha! This article from Better Homes & Garden shows how to get the most out of preparing your veggie garden for winter so you'll be more successful next growing season. Only three steps, I think even I can do that. ;)

Winterizing the Vegetable Garden - just click the link to be taken to the article.

Happy Gardening!

Vicki Dame
JJ's Team

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